Wilde Pedique® Nail Reconstruction

Wilde Pedique® Nail Reconstruction


WILDE PEDIQUE® gel is a single component, UV light cured, high-grade acrylester resin developed specifically for corrective and restorative toe nail treatments.

It can be applied to ANYONE with any nail condition; in fact, the nail doesn’t even need to be traumatised or diseased as the treatment will enhance “normal” nails.

Why use Wilde Pedique®?

The gel is used to protect the nail bed after loss of a toenail. When a toenail is lost the pulpy tissue of the toe can swell, potentially resulting in problems of in-growing of the new nail.

Whilst not a treatment for fungal nail infections, Wilde Pedique® will improve the look of the nail and will keep the infection at bay pending further treatment.

Wilde Pedique® will instantaneously improve the look of nails that have been damaged by trauma e.g. stubbing, sports injuries, tight shoes and side effects of nail surgery, as well as protect nails from infection due to vertical splits. It is safe to use on diabetic patients.


  • self-levelling
  • extremely flexible – does not stress the natural nail plate
  • no discolouration – once cured it will not change
  • no aggressive acidic primers which damage the natural nail plate
  • does not hinder the natural nail growth.