Surgery for ingrowing toenails

Surgery for ingrowing toenails

It is sometimes necessary to remove part or all of a toenail to resolve recurring problems such as growth into adjacent tissues, or deformity.

Surgery for ingrowing toenails is a simple procedure and is performed as a day case under local anaesthetic. The object of the procedure is to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence of the problem. An injection of local anaesthetic is given to make the toe numb. A tourniquet is applied to the toe and the offending piece of nail is removed back to  the root. A chemical is then applied to the root to prevent the nail regrowing from that part. The procedure is 94% successful.

It is advisable to bring someone with you or to arrange suitable transport to and from the clinic. You should not drive with an anaesthetised toe. A large dressing is applied to the toe following the procedure so you will require a sandal, or open toed shoe/slipper to wear on the affected foot after the procedure.

For details of the procedure and aftercare please download the PDF from here.

Toenail surgery is sometimes necessary