3D Gait Assessment

3D Gait Assessment

3D Gait Assessment

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of running motion available.

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of running motion available. Infrared cameras are used to track positions of small reflective markers, allowing precise measurement of joint angles to provide detailed insight into an individual’s running gait. The results are compared to a database of uninjured controls to quantify an individual’s injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, and recommend appropriate footwear where required.

Your return to running is our priority and we will treat your injury with the precision, care and attention to detail that is usually reserved for the sporting elite.

3D gait analysis will:

  • help to reduce injury risk by identifying factors that could be compromising movement patterns
  • In cases of injury, help to pinpoint the root cause of the problem so that effective rehabilitation can begin.
  • help to identify weaknesses and asymmetries influencing your running to help you make marginal gains in each area. Optimising movement patterns could mean the difference between winning or losing.
  • help to determine the best style of shoe for you.
  • help new runners determine their risk of an injury based on movement patterns current strength and flexibility levels as well as how they can improve their running technique.

There are several levels of assessment:


Run3D Gold

The ultimate assessment for treating injuries and improving performance.



Run3D Silver

Advanced 3D gait analysis to identify underlying issues.



Fit to Run

Assess your running health and ensure you are fit to run.


Gait Retraining

Following your initial Run3D gait analysis assessment, to understand your movement patterns and identify if changes to your running would be beneficial, we also offer a gait retraining service.

Run3D’s newest feature gives the ability to use real-time gait analysis to change the way you run. This means that we can see exactly what is happening with your kinematics almost at the same time that you do it!


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